About Fpv Earbuds


Made By Pilots For Pilots

My name is Christopher Wood. I am a FPV pilot and RC hobbyist. 

I love to build and fly quads. I mostly fly freestyle but plan to race as well. 

I also love to create new things and this is something 

that I started making for myself to use while flying and fast realized 

the need in the market for neat product like this.

So I started making and selling these FPV earbuds 

while having loads of fun doing it.

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If you are a DYI guy or girl and want to make one yourself I made a video, posted on the video page or my YouTube channel 

with a step by step on how to make the FPV earbuds.  

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The best thing about the FPV earbud is that it frees you up from all those wires and frees you up to just fly. Being able to hear your quad and track your throttle is just awesome.  

You've got to try it. If there is something your looking for such as size for the earbud or color, or if you want something custom, just drop me a email. I'm always open to try something new.  


Lots of Options!

Check out the different color options I have available at our store. This single stereo earphone / earbud plays both left and right audio and can be used for many different things as well as FPV. 

Of course if there is something that you need, that I don't have, like a right angle audio plug, or certain color, or length, just shoot me a email.  I can custom make it for you. This site is for the Pilots so feel free to ask. 

Thanks, C. Wood.  




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Over 9.2K views on Youtube!

"Very helpful, did it in under 10 min. thank you! 

" Very cool instructional video, I'm new to the hobby and would like to add this to my fatshark D3, would it be possible to have you make this setup with an inline volume control? Thanks ps just subbed to your channel👍🏾 "

" good shit. i got frustrated as hell and...... destroyed the headphones lol. i just ordered 1 from u, thx in advance... "

" Mine is blue and yellow. And it's perfect with my FPV goggles. I can hear the quad and still hear what's going on around me. Nicely made. Totally recommend."